Ownership with Vair

makes sense.

Jet ownership is finally a great decision with Vair.

If you travel between 100 and 200 hours per year, managed co-ownership with Vair is the ideal solution to travel in your own jet, at a fraction of the price.


Ownership with Vair

The Perfect Partnership

Co-ownership with Vair is simple - we match you with up to two ideal partners, similar to you in travel needs and geography, and you enjoy your own jet on your schedule!

Find your match!

The Jets

Fast. Private. Yours.

Meet the Citation Encore

The Citation Encore wraps your journey in the comfort, convenience, and luxury that you’d expect from private jet travel. Crafted with power and style, the Encore is sure to make your next business trip or getaway a memorable one.

Passenger Seating Configuration

  • Typical seating

  • Max seating configuration

  • Cabin volume (cubic feet)

  • Total volume

  • Cabin dimensions

  • Length

  • Height

  • Width: max/flr

  • Baggage capacity (cubic feet)

  • Internal

  • External

  • Total volume

Plane Sketch
Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset (Money Isn’t Bad Either)

Choosing an Encore jet saves you both time and money over propeller aircraft like the King Air 350.

Average Flight time saved over King Air: 25%

John Wayne Airport (SNA) to Seattle: around $1700 cheaper.

See how the Encore stacks up to other aircraft
Go Further In Your Encore

Jets take you further than prop aircraft, too. You can fly a total of 1500 nautical miles in one leg, which puts a wealth of great destinations within reach, from John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana.

Click to see the possibilities:
Jackson Hole
Cabo san Lucas
Park City
Santa Ana

Why Co-ownership

All the benefits, none of the risks.

  • Enjoy the whole jet but split the costs with up to two well-matched partners.
  • Mitigated partnership entry and exit risks - your agreement is with Vair.
  • Ownership structured to ensure complete tax autonomy.
  • Easy scheduling - get online access to your shared owner calendar to book your flights whenever you want to.
  • Reliable costs - with co-ownership, you never get surprise expenses.
  • Professional flight operators on call for you 24/7/365.
  • We’ll handle aircraft acquisition.
  • Already have a jet? Awesome. With Vair, you can now enjoy it with a whole lot less expense!

Jet co-ownership is the perfect fit for those who fly around 100 to 200 hours per year.

If You Fly Less Than 100 Hours Per Year

Charter might be a better option.

See what we can do for you at STA Jets

If You Fly More Than 200 Hours Per Year

Consider buying your own Jet.

STA can help you find the right aircraft.

Even More Reasons To Co-own

  • Reliable costs: With co-ownership, you never get surprise expenses.
  • Professional flight operators on call for you 24/7/365.
  • Own one, fly the whole family: co-owning with Vair means the whole fleet of Citation Encore jets is at your service.
Ready to fly?

Dedicated to The Experience

Value Added Services

Co-ownership through Vair is one of the easiest ways to own a jet. That’s because we dedicate ourselves to making you feel like part of the family.

You Own The Jet. We make the experience.

Whether you’re flying to Pebble Beach or the board room, you’ll get a flawless flight that exceeds your expectations.

Vair Provides:
  • World-class catering
  • Complete control of the flight environment
  • Amenities and service to match your tastes
  • Ability to execute on short notice—just let us know what you need
  • End-to-end travel arrangements: Our world-class team will make sure your connection is smooth
  • Behind-the-scenes perfection: From scheduling, maintenance controllers, flight planners, and more—we shine in what you don’t see, too
  • We take care of your aircraft as though it were our own
  • Easy booking through our owner portal
Enjoy flying like you never did before

The Perfect Work Solution

  • Your Meeting Room Is Ready

  • Your Dining Room Is Ready

  • Your Entertainment Room Is Ready

  • Your Reading Room Is Ready

  • Your Relaxing Room Is Ready

Turn travel time into YOU time. Whether its a productive meeting or a full course dining experience, make the most out of every hour, in the comfort of your own jet.

Jet and Yacht Ownership

Own a jet? Sell half.

Vair co-ownership allows you to keep your jet, keep your schedule, and cut your travel expenses in half.

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